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Dropper vs. Dash

In general, both a dash (from Bittercube 5 oz bottles) or dropper (from Bittercube 1 oz bottles) are equivalent to slightly less than one ml of bitters. However, follow the instructions below for an accurate measurement.

Dispensing Bitters from a 1 oz Bottle

Dropper image

While holding the bottle in one hand, unscrew the eye dropper cap and squeeze the bulb of the dropper twice, filling it to about three-quarters of its capacity. The bitters should not enter the bulb. Release the bitters by squeezing the bulb repeatedly until the dropper is empty.

Dispensing Bitters from a 5 oz Bottle*

5oz image

Remove the cap from the bottle. Holding the neck of the bottle and using one fluid movement, swing the bottle until upside down. With a downward thrust, expel a dash of bitters from the bottle.

*As long as the liquid level in the bottle lies between the top of the label and within an inch of the bottom of the bottle, a dash will produce a nearly identical amount of bitters as the dropper from a one-ounce bottle.

When using a full bottle, the liquid level will be in the neck. You will need three or four dashes to expel the appropriate amount of bitters. Once the liquid level falls to the shoulders of the bottle, two dashes should be sufficient. By the time the liquid level has reached approximately an inch from the bottom of the bottle (or lower), three dashes will be necessary.

When dispensing two or more dashes of bitters into a cocktail at once, don’t swing the bottle back around, just thrust back up and then down to dispense another dash.