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Driftless PimmsRecipe by samantha goebel


Glass: Tulip or Collins

Garnish: Two cucumber slices lining the inside of the glass wrapped around both sides, pebble/crushed ice holding them in place. Top with more ice and two dehydrated mango slices. Lemon expression to finish.


Add all ingredients in measuring glass. Pour into prepared glass and garnish.

Samantha “Sam” Goebel has been in the service industry for 13 years now. It has had its ups and downs, but she has an appreciation for the experiences because it has given her time to identify her strengths, solidify her passions and further shape her values. If she had to choose one word to describe herself it would be relentless and in the best way possible. She’s relentless when making, testing and perfecting cocktails. New to craft bartending, Sam credits Bittercube for teaching her everything from the basics to how to construct and teach others craft cocktails. “The knowledge Bittercube gave me will forever shape the style of cocktails I create.”

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