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The Aromatic Starter's Collection


Aromatic Bitters are a foundational ingredient in cocktails. Mix and match these bitters in recipes that call for Aromatic Bitters to create new and unique libations.

We believe in timeless concoctions and Bolivar Bitters pay homage to a 19th century aromatic bitters formula. Use these bitters when your cocktail is balanced, and the flavors are where you want them, but complexity and depth are lacking. These interpretive aromatic bitters enhance any type of spirit or cocktail style.

With limited space in your bar, stock Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters as they perfectly complement stirred and shaken cocktails alike. Use these woodsy, aromatic bitters to create textured, elevated cocktails. CBV simply makes everything better - cocktails, cookies, stout, you name it.

Barrel aged spirits need an aromatic partner that understands and complements their age. Nostalgic, yet labyrinthine, the earthy, warm spices in Root Beer Bitters harmonize with barrel aged spirits. Parallel to these robust flavors are cooling citrus and herbal notes that pleasantly contrast cocktails featuring aged spirits.

This collection contains:

  • 5 oz dasher bottle - Cherry Bark Vanilla
  • 1.7 oz dasher bottle - Root Beer
  • 1 oz eyedropper bottle - Bolivar

use to craft unique cocktails

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