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The Spicy Trio


This trio of spicy products covers a lot of bases. For intense heat, go for Disco Inferno. If mole style spice fits the bill, use Chipotle Cacao Bitters. Ginger and black pepper bring a numbing, intense sensation to Jamaican No 1 Bitters. Mix and match the three for unique combinations of spice. 

Disco Inferno uses a tantalizing blend of Bird’s Eye, Scotch Bonnet, Aji Panca & Chiltepin chilis to brings a powerful heat, while Cinnamon and Euphrates Mint create a subtle cooling sensation and pleasant tingle. All are infused as whole botanicals into high-proof brandy. Finally, the mixture is softened with rosewater and sea salt.

Jamaican. No.1 Bitters feature ginger, black pepper, and allspice, and are intensely spicy, yet distinctly complex. These bitters turn the spice volume up on classic cocktails and amplify the ginger flavor in your favorite seasonal sips.

Spicy bitters should still be bitter. Chipotle Cacao Bitters are a rich amalgam of earth, heat, decadent, and savory. The rich cocoa and coffee aromas can add weight to stirred, boozy drinks, yet the spiciness extends the flavor of any shaken cocktail. Unique bitters like these warrant experimentation!

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