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Tropical Bitters Bundle


Tropical cocktails need bitters that accentuate and enhance those bright flavors. This trio of bitters offers workhorse Aromatic Bitters for those classic tropical libations, as well as grapefruit-hibiscus bitters, and allspice-ginger bitters when you want to customize your tropical cocktails.

As a vibrant, ever changing cocktail category, tropical escapism deserves its very own grapefruit bitters. To accentuate tropical cocktails, Jamaican No 2 Bitters are tantalizingly bright and aromatic, backed by warm, indulgent spices.

Jamaican. No.1 Bitters feature ginger, black pepper, and allspice, and are intensely spicy, yet distinctly complex. These bitters turn the spice volume up on classic cocktails and amplify the ginger flavor in your favorite seasonal sips.

All Day Bitters are hand crafted, workhorse aromatic bitters made for day to day use. Spices include Cassia, Ginger, Nutmeg, Quassia Bark, Birch, Rose Buds, Eucalyptus, and Lavender.

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