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Ultimate Old Fashioned Kit


This cocktail kit contains supplies to make a plethora of seasonal variations on the classic Old Fashioned. Unleash your inner mixologist by swapping and mixing bitters or smoking the serving glass! The bitters can also be used in other cocktails, and for baking. The Wisconsin Maple is a great cocktail syrup, but can also elevate pancakes. This kit will accentuate more than 32 cocktails, and arrives in a crinkle paper lined gift box.


Kit contents:

  • One 1.7 oz dasher bottle of Root Beer Bitters

  • One 1 oz dropper of Blackstrap Bitters

  • One 8 oz bottle of Tapped Wisconsin Maple Syrup

  • Two premium, vintage style Old Fashioned glasses (style may vary)

  • Five Bittercube cocktail cedars

  • One recipe card and one Bitters guide.

No alcohol is included in this kit.

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