Bitters & Flavor Extracts

When a recipe calls for a flavor extract such as vanilla or almond extract, you can easily substitute bitters in a 1:1 ratio to provide more complexity and a robust flavor profile. Below are some examples of this technique.

A bottle of bitters and baking ingredients

Bitters as Added Flavor

Another way to use cocktail bitters in baking is to riff on classics like a bartender might do when mixing cocktails. Simply add bitters to a tried and true recipe to accentuate, enhance, or contrast existing flavors. When using 1-2 tsp of bitters, you should not have to adjust the recipe in any way. Below are some ideas for adding bitters to your favorite baked goods.

Bitters & Ground Spices

When a recipe calls for a ground spice like cinnamon, cardamom, or cloves, you can easily substitute cocktail bitters in a 1:1 ratio. This method provides a more nuanced flavor, instead of a singularly focused intense flavor. Below are some bitters varieties and spices that work well in this context.

Three bitters bottles on a pile of spices

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