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Burlap & Barrel

Cardamom Seed Extract


This richly fragrant Cloud Forest Cardamom Extract is made with cardamom seeds from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. A beautiful golden color, this extract can be swapped 1:1 for vanilla extract. It also adds a pop of citrus to vinaigrette's and marinades.

Cloud Forest Cardamom Extract is very useful in cocktails as well. Add a dash to a Gin Martini to accentuate the botanical structure of the spirit. Add a dash to a mojito to further spotlight the herbaceous mint. Shaken cocktails like a margarita and a whiskey sour are enhanced by the cardamom as well. 

This collaborative product was created in tandem with Burlap & Barrel, a Public Benefit Corporation building new international spice supply chains that are equitable, transparent and traceable.

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